Travel-related activities in a corona-proof fashion

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After such a long time of everything revolving around COVID-19 it can sometimes be easy to have so many emotions and thoughts that you become apathetic to the situation (oof, paradoxal). Dondrite in general has tried to adapt to the situation to provide you with the opportunity of still enjoying some nice moments with your colleagues and make some memories. However, at the start of the year the Travel Committee thought: “How are we going to adapt? Traveling of all things is truly not something for the coming time!”. Yet, we succeeded to bring some activities into the world that are travel-related and safe at the same time:

  • Language cafés ☕️

The first is a recurring event, namely the language cafés. We have them in 5 languages: Dutch 🇳🇱, French 🇫🇷, Spanish 🇪🇸, German 🇩🇪, and Italian 🇮🇹. The goal of the language café is to meet up with others in the program that are learning/speaking a certain language to talk about anything but in the language of interest. In this way you can meet others from the program, practice a language, and learn a lot of new things. The most important aspect of the cafés is that they are very low-key. There are no rules and everybody is very open. You do not have to speak the language perfectly or even at all and also the times are flexible. We try to organise the language cafés every week but with everyone’s busy schedule this is not always possible. However, that is no problem at all! We discuss the time of the language café in the WhatsApp chat belonging to the specific language. If you have not yet joined any of the language cafés feel free to join the WhatsApp group or contact us with questions!

  • Geoguessr 🌏

This event started as a one-time thing. However we have a surprise in store: we are doing a collaboration with the Activity Committee to bring this game to you every month! 🥳 The first Tuesday of the month at 20:30h is the evening for the monthly Online Board Game Night organised by the Activity Committee. However, from now on we will also provide Geoguessr there for those who want to keep on playing it on a regular basis. For those reading this that are a bit confused about what Geoguessr is, it is an online game that you can play with your friends in a “Battle Royale” style. During the game you are dropped somewhere in the world just like in Google Streetview. You get a limited amount of time to guess in which country you are. You have to use clues such as signs by the road, the direction of the cars, etc. Do join the next Board Game Night to try out this game! 

  • Hiking 🥾

 The only real-life activity that is still organisable in a corona-proof fashion is hiking. As it is only allowed to be in groups of two, we have organised a hike in the first semester with a Pirate theme to provide those who wanted to meet one person to go on a Pirate adventure with. 🏴‍☠️ We hope to provide such a hike again soon! If in the meantime your hiking feet are already itching though, it is possible to sign up for our Walking Mates Program (staying with the Pirate theme lol). Here we team you up with someone who lives nearby you so you can go on walks together. If you need any inspiration as to where to go, you can use our last post to discover the best spots in Nijmegen. 

We hope to see you soon at any of these events!


The Travel Committee

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