Nele Ziegler

‘Let’s unite the nerds!’

– Nele Ziegler


Hey there, Nele here,
I have joined the board in my first year (I am a September starter) as I have seen the heightened importance of a well-organized study organization. For my time on the Board, I want to create a space where everyone feels welcome regardless of their academic or personal background.
I am following the Perception, Action, and Control tract and am passionate when it comes to lab work. Thus, whenever you need help with collecting EEG data, don’t hesitate to hit me up. I have a background in Psychology through the bachelor at the Radboud University and now hope to get further into perception and predictions.
When I am not glued to my desk or running around the Institute, I enjoy riding my road bike and hiking, as well as taking care of my seven quails.
Thus, my goal is for Dondrite to be a space open for diversity as I am myself dyslexic, ADHD, and Bisexual.