General information about Dondrite 

Dondrite was officially founded in the academic year 2016-2017 with the purpose of improving connection, both on social as well as educational level, between the students of the Master in Cognitive Neuroscience of the Donders Institute. However, the students of the Master do not become members of Dondrite automatically: the membership is voluntary and it is up to you to choose to sign up!
Our association is within the Master but not directly part of the program, to better understand the structure and who to contact for doubts, suggestions, and complaints you can look at the scheme below.

What is the study association?

Maybe you are moving to the Netherlands to be part of the Cognitive Neuroscience Master (great choice) and you may have never heard of a study association before. A study association is a society in which students from one study program come together for both fun and study-related activities, promoting integration and cohesion as well as developing a favorable learning environment. These activities include lectures that go beyond the content of the Master and discussion groups along with drinks, game nights, and travels. All in all, we hope to provide something extra to your student life as a Master’s student and to make studying in the program easier and more fun.

Board and Committees

The association is composed of a Board, that manages the budget, coordinates the committees (for more detail check the committee page) and promotes communication both within the association and with external parties. Each board member is also part of one of the Committees, which are at the heart of Dondrite: it is here that all the activities are planned and organized. We’re always looking for new enthusiastic members that can help us grow while learning useful organizational skills! If you want to join one of the committees please contact one of the members of the committee or the board, or sign up via the sign-up forms.