The Board

The board is a group of several people that help to keep Dondrite and it’s committees alive. The board makes sure that there is enough money to organize activities, manages the bank account, and keeps close contact with both members and external parties. Also, each board member is part of one of the committees. For more information about our committees, please check out the committee page here!
The board consists of four to five people that all have different tasks within the board. The chair leads the meetings of the board and the General Assembly, which is a meeting together with all members of the society where the most important decisions for Dondrite are made. The secretary answers most of the emails and writes minutes of the board and general meetings. The treasurer keeps track of all the money related topics. He or she makes sure that everything is paid in time and registered properly. The External Affairs Manager contacts external parties, such as possible sponsors. Finally, the PR Manager keeps an eye on the committees and keeps the social media up to date. 
The board currently consists of five people:
Chair: Jule Hafermann
Secretary: María de la Garza Coindreau
PR- manager: Lydia Moonen
Treasure: Stephan van de Heisteeg
External Affair Manager: Kiara Spoelstra