Auction for Charity

Dearest everybody,

Dondrite is participating in the annual RAGweek which aims to raise money for charity. If you are curious about the charities, a post will follow about that on the first of April. To raise money we will organize a challenge week from 8th-15th of April. In this challenge week we will organize 3 events. The first event we’re announcing is an online auction that will take place on the 13th of April at 20h. The idea is that everyone can send in anything they would like to sell and during the auction everyone can bid on it. All the money we make this way will go to charity, so don’t forget you won’t make any money yourself. Items you could offer could be objects (e.g., clothes, house decoration, a painting you made, a cookie you baked, etc.) or for example “experiences” (e.g., tour in Nijmegen from your perspective, picnic in the park, explanation of a course, etc.). You can get really creative with this! Note: you do not PER SE have to be at the auction in order to offer something.

We would love to hear your ideas for what to sell. You have time until the 9th of April 23.59h to send in the items you want to sell via the button on the right/below.

The event is finished.

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