Café Philosophique

Philosophy is deeply rooted in conversations, in dialogues and discussions about what reality is, how we should live our lives, what mind and brain are. Philosophy is more than an academic discipline. It is a way to engage with our wonder, mystery, confusion, our will to understand.

In the tradition of de Beauvoir and Sartre, we’re hosting a weekly virtual Café (Neuro-) Philosophique. Everyone is warmly invited to engage in open conversations about Neurophilosophy, consciousness, the ethics of artificial intelligence, free will, and everything else you are curious about. Thereby, we would like to complement the Neurophilosophy course, which explores fascinating topics and presents compelling ideas, but leaves little possibility to practice philosophy, that is to converse with others. Through our coffee chats, philosophy will become more alive and our shared wisdom will be enlarged by cultivating new ideas and deliberating arguments. Last but not least, you might also find further inspiration for your essay.

Every week we will focus on a different topic related to the current lecture. So keep an eye on this website to learn about the topic and inspiration for possible discussion points. You’re welcome at any time, also if you haven’t joined before or if you think you’d rather listen than engage in a discussion. If there are no lectures, we will have an open meeting in which we can talk about whatever topic you like or discuss your essay ideas! You can also send ideas for topics to Jochem beforehand so that he can prepare the meeting. 🙂

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, bring some cookies, and see you at the café to philosophize together!


The event is finished.

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