Café Philosophique Morality

In this week’s Café Philosophique, we will discuss a core issue in the Philosophy of Cognitive Neuroscience: morality.  As the research methods and scope of neuroscientific research continue to advance, societal and moral issues emerge, for example in juridical context or biased AI systems. Is research in Cognitive Neuroscience ethical? How can research address their moral responsibilities?

At the same time, neuroscientists try to understand moral behaviour through the brain. Can cognitive neuroscience explain our capacity to engage in ethical evaluations? Could Neuroscience ultimately tell us what is the right thing to do when faced with moral dilemmas? We would like to philosophize about these question together and are looking forward to hearing about everyone’s ideas and questions.

We would like to meet on gathertown this week to enjoy some coffee, tea, and conversation with you:

The event is finished.

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