Meet & Speeddating

Bonjour les amis!

The new semester has started and therefore, the new February students also just joined our Master’s! During some introductory events they had the chance to meet each other, but of course it would be great for all students in the program to have an opportunity to talk to some new people and get to know them a bit. You can do this during our Meet & Speeddating event on Monday the 15th of February at 20:30! Hopefully you will even meet your soulmates that you can go to whenever you need support in these times!

Throughout the evening, you will be able to talk to people in groups of 3 or 4 in Discord. After every 15 minutes the groups will be switched in order for you to meet as many new people as possible. In every round, we will provide you with a different drinking game like truth or drink, but of course you can also join if you don’t drink alcohol or just talk to each other!

Sign up via the button on the right/below if you want to participate, but please only sign up if you can really make it. The deadline to sign up is Friday the 12th at 23:59.

The event is finished.

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