Time Management

Writing assignments, studying for exams, reading the ever-growing pile of articles, coding new analyses, or preparing presentations. Sometimes it feels like time is slipping through our fingers in the MSc CNS. Time management skills can help us boost our academic success and personal well-being. By monitoring the workload more cleverly, we can overcome procrastination and reduce stress. Ultimately, time management techniques allow us to enjoy our tasks more and free up time for leisure. In this interactive talk, Mariya Manahova will provide us with practical insights on effective time and project management, accompanied by hands-on exercises. You will learn about different strategies and tools to get things done.

Mariya Manahova is a PhD candidate in the Predictive Brain lab at the Donders institute, after graduation from the MSc CNS in 2016. She investigates  how expectations shape our perception of the world. Besides her research, Mariya likes to think about what makes a good life, work-life balance, productivity, and health. She has written about these topics on her personal blog A Good Life and is also a editorial member of the Donders Wonders blog. Juggling her PhD research, recreational passions, and being a mother, Mariya has developed effective ways to manage her time and follow her passions, which she is eager to pass on to current MSc students.

The event is finished.

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