Whatsapp Werewolf


Wait, did you hear that…? 😱 Oh no, the wolves returned to Dondam Village! 🐺

When the sun starts to rise on Sunday the 14th of March another werewolf hunt starts! 🌄 Of course we are talking about the game Werewolf, in which every player is either a werewolf or a (special) villager. The goal for the werewolves is to kill the villagers, and for the villagers to find out who the werewolves are and ban them from the village. Whereas the original game is played in one go, the Whatsapp version will span multiple days in which the wolves really kill at night and everybody really goes to sleep before finding out who did not survive the night…

During the game you will have to vote or execute your specific task at a fixed time each day. How much time you spend on the rest of the game is up to you, but it will be more fun for the others if you interact with them a bit and try to stay up-to-date of who is suspected. 🕵🏼

Last time, it turned out to be very entertaining and a great distraction whenever you want one. 🎉

We are playing the game with a limited number of max 25 people. Sign up before Thursday the 11th at 23:59 via the button on the right/below if you want to participate!

The event is finished.

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