Synapsium announcement: Meet this year’s keynote speakers!

As Synapsium Committee, we present to you this year’s keynote speakers: Christian Keysers and Jelle Brouwer will be with us to discuss topics related to the social communication system, empathy, language learning, neurocommunication, and many more.

Our keynote speaker: Christian Keysers!
And let’s not forget about our student keynote speaker: Jelle Brouwer!

We bet you are excited to hear this, yet there is more good news for you. If you have not still applied for presenting your research, you can still do so as the applications are extended to the 1st of April. We are looking forward to hear about your research.

Feel free to visit our website if you want to learn more about our speakers and their research and also to apply for presenting your research during Synapsium. And you can always contact us via our email if you have any questions:

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