Synapsium: Save the Date!

Well hello, you absolutely amazing Dondrite member (and non-members too),

 Did this get your attention? Good! Because we have an important announcement we want to make.

But first, what is Synapsium? A very good question, if we say so ourselves. We are a yearly returning symposium by Cognitive Neuroscience students for Cognitive Neuroscience students. And, while we might be a part of Dondrite, we are absolutely open to people who do not study Cognitive Neuroscience here, in our dear own Nijmegen. If you’re new here, you might know us from the “Meet the Committees” event, which was held on last week.

Speaking of, that is what we will be doing as well. To get as close to a physical meet up as possible, this year, on the 29th of May 2021, Synapsium will take place in Write it down in your agendas, because you sure don’t want to miss what we have planned.

But no Synapsium is complete without its theme. This year too, we haven chosen something we find very interesting. But what is this year’s theme? Well, that’s where you come in. Because we would like to know what you think the theme will be, based on this year’s logo.

Our logo, but this time without a distracting background!

So, what do you think the theme will be? It might not be as obvious as it seems. But we’re sure that together, you will figure something out. After all, it’s no rocket science. The first 3 people to come closest to the actual theme, will be given a little sur-prize! So, comment your answers down below. We’re very curious to see what you come up with!

-The Synapsium Committee | Maran

4 thoughts on “Synapsium: Save the Date!”

  1. I agree with the previous options by Laura and Antonia. The neurons seem to point to connectedness both within people and neuroscience. I also noticed that there is a difference between the two neurons, which might represent isolation and the attempt to connect between different people. The gap seems to confirm this theory, since the excitatory potentials can be transported without an immediate connection, just like we experience in our home situations now.

  2. Yes Laura, great insight! Your point about the two neurons appearing to be somewhat separated, as well as the italic words ‘together’ and ‘science’ in the text, lead to believe that the theme may be social interaction and social isolation.

  3. My guess is that it is about being connected (even when seperated by a whole bunch of letters)! So sort of maybe linking electrical transmission in the brain to electrical transmission through computers in these isolated times?? idkkk hahah

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