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Are you almost done with your Master’s but you still don’t know what to do afterwards? Or do you have a career in mind but would like to get some deeper insight from someone working in the field?

Then join the Career Event on the 6th and 7th of April. We will be inviting speakers from academia and industry to share their knowledge and experience of finding a job and working in different fields. Besides practical tips, you will get personal insights into the working environment, the pros and cons of different jobs and how best to approach career planning.



Besides two speakers who stayed in academia, we will hear about the experience from a software engineer, a product manager of brain-computer interfaces, a medical technology startup and an analytical consultant at Google! Check out a more detailed description in our website post or in the schedule of the evening:

Career Event Schedule



We will also host two workshops that will hopefully help you find the most suitable career path for you

Decision-making workshop

We are the creators of our lives, and one of the main mechanisms we use to do so is our decision-making. But while we are making our decisions, there are numerous underlying elements that influence that process. Our unique environment and the players in it, our mindset, emotions, rationality, the challenges we encounter, and our personal toolbox. They all impact our ability to create the life and future we desire in supportive and discouraging ways. In this workshop, you’ll connect with other students around your upcoming life path decision and develop personalized and practical tools to tackle your personal challenges of your career path.

Please prepare this workshop by thinking about the following questions:

Take a moment for yourself and think about the decision(s) that you will have to make regarding your
future path in the upcoming months.

What is the one thing that scares or worries you the most about making this decision?

If you had the complete freedom to make any decision regarding your future and anything would be possible, what would you want to do? What direction would you move towards?

Flyer Decision-making Workshop


CV & Cover letter workshop

In order to follow the career path that you most desire and that best suits you, it is also very important to be convincing with your application. This is the only way to get your dream job! In this workshop, we will discuss what a perfect application should look like. So get your CV and cover letter out to improve them!


Please make sure to sign up in the registration form if you want to attend the event:

The event is finished.

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