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In these exceptional times where outside activities have become the norm, it can sometimes feel like you have seen it all in Nijmegen. Furthermore, some new people joined our Master Program and there is still so much exploring and discovering to do in this beautiful city. Nijmegen is especially interesting because it has existed for SO SO long and you can even find some Roman remains from when the city was still called Noviomagus. But the city has changed a lot since then and the layers of time are still visible.

With this list we want to inspire you to explore Nijmegen and its beautiful surroundings. We have divided the list in several categories for every occasion. Last but not least, another problem of these times is that it can sometimes feel very lonely and you just don’t know who to turn to for a little walk. Not to worry, we try to provide a solution for all those who want to meet someone new to explore these places together. If you want, you can sign up for our Walking Mateys Program. We will team you up with someone living near you, so you can get in touch to start roaming (Roman??) around Nijmegen and check everything off the list. 

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Forests/places just outside NijmegenGoogle Maps

  • Heilig Landstichting (~15 minutes by bike from Radboud)
  • Heerlijkheid Beek (~20 min)
  • N70 Natuurwandelroute (~20 min)
  • Ooijpolder (~20 min)
  • Duivelsberg (~30 min)
  • Lake Berendonck (~30 min)

Parks in Nijmegen – Google Maps

  • River park (Spiegelwaal & Ruimte voor de Waal)
  • Goffert Park
  • Kronenburgerpark
  • Hunnerpark / Valkhof Park
  • Park near Trekvogels
  • Heumensoord (Heumensoord Zandbak – Great place for Monkey on the ground)
  • Bici (Campus Park)
  • Park Brakkenstein
  • Planetenpark
  • Park Leeuwenstein
  • Thiemepark
  • Rosarium

Around the city

Historical Monuments: Google Maps

  • Standbeeld Al mot ik krupen
  • Oorlogsmonument Twee Soldaten
  • De toren van Henk-willem-jacobs
  • Stichting Ridders van ‘Het Kasteel’
  • Joris Ivens
  • Neptunusring
  • De Koningstoren
  • Saint Stephen’s Church
  • Het Oude Stadhuis
  • Romeinse waterput

Street Art: Google Maps

  • Honig Complex, Vasim Factory, and Waalhalla
  • The colorful birdie
  • The deer at Hotel Credible
  • Intelligent Critters
  • Byzantine Princess
  • Memories of a soap factory
  • 1944 bombing
  • Waalpaintings
  • Oldest street ar on Piersonstraat
  • Where’s wally? (There are 25 wally’s hidden around Nijmegen, try to find them all :)))!)

Food and drinks

Cafes and Restaurants (food):

  • Dabba dinner (great concept)
  • Indian food: Thali Express (can recommend the surprise student meal)
  • Asian food (general): MIA (made in Asia)
  • Sushi: foeho sushiya, Mr. Sushi (pretty cheap yet good for sushi) 
  • Ramen: Shibui ramen (cute old man there), Tokokoro
  • Burger: Mister Panda, Freddy’s, Wally, tati 
  • Italian: Merano, pizza café desem, de pizzabakkers
  • Falafel: Maoz
  • Random: funky farmer, mik mak, the bite club
  • Coffee & Tea: puck, geisha coffee bar, coffeelab, el barrio

Anyway just follow tastenijmegen on Instagram for more tips about food in Nijmegen!

Bars (drinks): 

  • Café Maxim (woopwoop this is our regular café where you get a discount and free nachos omg)
  • De Hemel (brewery with café + oldest brick building in Nijmegen)
  • Grand Café Moenen
  • Café Camelot (lots of games)
  • In de Blaauwe Hand (oldest café)
  • Dollars Muziek Café (lots of live music there)
  • Good vibration (what’s in a name, also lots of live music)
  • Café Wunderkammer 
  • Oersoep brouwerij (at Honig complex, brewery + café)

Have fun exploring!

❤︎, The Travel Committee

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