Renewed website!

Dear Dondrite members,

Today is such an exciting day for us, because… it is our 4th birthday! Not only will we be celebrating it together with you with our cake drive-through and amazing pub quiz… but there is more! As you can see right here, we have a completely renewed website with all kinds of cool new features. You can now see all our upcoming events in an actual timeline under ‘Events’ (duh), you can read all the exciting posts of all our committees and moreover you can comment on topics and posts that you think are interesting to discuss as well! 

The basic idea for our renewed website is that we will use it as our main source of communication. Our other social media platforms will still be used to promote and notify you of upcoming events but we will always link it to our website. So if you are ever wondering why? Go to the website! What? Go to the website! How? Go to the website! When? Well, you get the point.

Every committee will start posting on this news page and will recap on and promote all of their events. Don’t miss out on anything and make sure to check the website regularly. 

And to start of this topic right and make use of the new features, a question for you:

What do you think about our new website? Do you have some cool ideas that we could incorporate, please let us know in the comments below!


The Board
Jochem, Eline, Nele and Brittany

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