Dear Dondrites,

Its yearbook time! With this post you are getting a sneak preview of the beautiful cover made by Mariana, isn’t it gorgeous? We have a great team working on the yearbook this year. Lieke, Tinke, and Miriam are working on making it as beautiful as possible (we have a very fun theme this year). Tony and Nora spent some fun evenings coming up with questions for you guys, with input from the rest of us as inspiration struck. And of course we have the rest of the wonderful Scribe committee, Vaishnavi, Eline, & Jeanne, doing a little bit of everything to produce the best yearbook possible.

We know this year as been an especially strange one due to COVID-19, but we promise that the yearbook will not be focusing only on this. As a lot of first years have not met as many CNS people this year as we might have liked, we are hoping that this yearbook will help to give us all some insight into who our fellow students are! At the moment someone might only be a face on your laptop screen, but soon you might know their favourite quote (always a good insight into a person). You will also get to vote for who the imposter is as we do in our monthly board game nights (you know who you are).

If getting to know your fellow students better is not enough of a treat, our very own Mora is writing us a tasty segment… For all the second years who are going to miss his food, you might be able to recreate it for the rest of your life if you get the yearbook!

This year we’ve changed the format of the questionnaire so that you don’t have to fill it out all at once. This will give you time to really come up with your funniest answers. Just make sure to send it back to use within 2 weeks!

If you didn’t receive the email please message scribe at to make sure you don’t miss out.

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