Career Event

Find the workshop handouts here: ______________________________________________ Are you almost done with your Master’s but you still don’t know what to do afterwards? Or do you have a career in mind

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Present your research at Synapsium 2021!

Dear students and all synapsium enthusiasts, We are happy to announce the theme of this year’s Synapsium: ” Let’s talk science together’’ to touch upon topics connected to communication, empathy,

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Discover Nijmegen (together)!

In these exceptional times where outside activities have become the norm, it can sometimes feel like you have seen it all in Nijmegen. Furthermore, some new people joined our Master

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Le Ballet

When you think of ballet, maybe you imagine soaring jumps, lighting-fast turns, gracefully sweeping arms and superhuman balance… and, of course, pointed feet. Maybe you imagine falling asleep—but this streaming

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Dondrite News February

Dear readers, and a special welcome to our fresh February starters Our very first post on this amazing new Dondrite website. Herewith, we gladly announce the Dondrite News issue of

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Synapsium: Save the Date!

Well hello, you absolutely amazing Dondrite member (and non-members too),  Did this get your attention? Good! Because we have an important announcement we want to make. But first, what is

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Café (Neuro-) Philosophique

Philosophy is deeply rooted in conversations, in dialogues and discussions about what reality is, how we should live our lives, what mind and brain are. Philosophy is more than an

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Welcome, Feb starters!

Hey all, First of all, welcome to our new February 2021 starters! We are delighted to see that so many of you already joined Dondrite. For those of you who

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